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The Father's Generosity

Juliet Calcott writes

Two weeks ago, the family our son Pete is living with in Pretoria came up to the farm to visit. They have lived lives faithfully dedicated to serving the Lord rather than making money, and their car was old and not quite up to the challenge of more trips to our farm, Boschdraai. Before they left we held hands and prayed for two new vehicles for them.. trusting in God’s promises, ask for anything in my name.. for this is to my glory. [Mark 11:24, John 15:7]

When we saw them a week later, I asked whether they had explored their options and they said they were just to keep trusting.

When we popped in yesterday to drop Pete off they had a wonderful surprise to show us. Exactly two weeks ago, the thought had popped into a friend’s mind to give them her perfectly maintained BMW! She delivered it to them yesterday! The car is above and beyond anything we were imagining!!!

Praise Jesus.

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