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Put the hinges somewhere else

The guys were installing the main wooden church doors but had found a problem. Being arched they

could not open with conventional hinges. Unfortunately, they hadn’t brought hinges that would

allow the door to turn around the frame and they couldn’t go back and collect them. It was the last

day of work before Christmas and the next available date would be next year!

Summe asked if I would come through and help solve the problem. Whilst I was on my way, Summe

was sharing scriptures with the guys. To support them he went in search of a Bible. He entered the

tearoom and in the top cabinet was a small cardboard box. Summe thought that it might have small

Gideon bibles inside. He put his hand in and found a number of parliament hinges, the exact ones

needed to install the two large arch doors!

When I arrived, I asked to see the box and I saw there was a date stamp on the box, 31 st January

2000, the exact time that they would have been installing doors on the original building. These

hinges were left over from that build.

How awesome that the Lord would have conveniently put aside the excess for this exact moment so

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