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Miraculous healing from deafness and pain from car accident.

Cobus came for ministry prayer after our Sunday service on the 7th April. He shared that he had been involved in a bad car accident in the previous December where his arm had been broken, he had had head injuries and been made deaf in his left ear.

When asked about his pain at that moment he said that both his arm and head pain were at an intensity of 10/10. He said that the pain in his arm was when he pressed over the area of injury where his bones had been plated and that his head pain was from constant headaches since the accident.

We prayed for his arm first and immediately his pain left and he was able to massage the area of injury easily. We then prayed for his headache and the pain initially went from a 10 to a 9. We prayed again and the pain went from 9 to 8. The third time we prayed his pain disappeared completely.

We prayed a short prayer for his ear to be healed in the name of Jesus and then straight away tested it by clicking fingers about a metre and a half away. He said he could hear something and put his finger in his right ear to check better. We thanked the Lord and then lay hands on again. At that moment Wendy walked behind him on that side talking, he obviously realised he could hear her because he said “I hear her voice, it’s as if she is speaking in a drum”. We thanked Holy Spirit and then asked him to check again, he then said that he was hearing clearly.

In just a few short minutes the Lord Jesus took all Cobus’s pain and restored his hearing. We praise the lord for His faithfulness and mercy.


When Cobus testified in church this Sunday (14th April) he shared that he had been to a doctor during the week to be checked. He was still without pain in his arm or head and was hearing well. When the doctor checked his arm, she could find no trace of the pins that had been giving him the pain! She also checked his hearing with a hearing test and found his ears to be working well.

We praise God for His miracle working power!

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