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healed by speakerphone

Summe had travelled to a neighbouring town for a funeral and had agreed to ride with a friend Craig and three others. On the way back to Vaalwater Summe heard the name “Barbara” in his head and saw in his mind a picture of someone putting on and taking off their glasses. He asked Craig if that meant anything to him. Craig said his sister was called Barbara and was having serious eye problems. Knowing that the Lord had put this in his heart, Summe asked Craig to call her on the phone and he prayed for her healing by speakerphone. As Summe prayed they heard Barbara shout. She said she was experiencing heat in her eyes and tingling. She then checked her sight and found that the lord had healed her.

Craig, not being a believer, was in shock and at first couldn’t believe what had just happened. As they drove, he kept questioning how this could happen and then asked himself why he couldn’t believe in the Lord Jesus. He then asked Summe if he would lead him to the Lord. And they did so as they were driving along.

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