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A transformed life

A healing from MS and a transformed life.

After a morning ride with a group of guests at Horizon, I was riding into the yards alongside a woman guest who had been with us for a week with her daughter. I asked her how her stay had been and she replied that it had been great particularly as she had been feeling remarkably healthy. I asked her what that meant and she said that she had MS and that on occasion it robbed her of energy and strength and had she been in one of those weeks it might have been different.

As we dismounted I shared with her that I often pray for people and have seen God heal people in powerful ways. She agreed to let me pray for her. We went into my office and we prayed a very short prayer for her healing. She and her daughter left that afternoon to fly back to the UK.

A year later I received a card through the mail from her with the most amazing story. She said that she had experienced a real peace as I had prayed and so she had been thinking deeply on the flight home. She decided that she wanted to fight this disease again (she had somewhat given up at that stage) and booked to see a leading MS specialist in the UK. When she saw him, he ran tests but he said to her that the tests had shown that she didn’t have MS but had symptoms that were much more treatable and something that would return her health within 6 months.

This turn of events really challenged her core beliefs and she found herself searching for faith again which she had turned away from as a child. She made a commitment to Christ and her faith in him was restored .

The upshot of this letter was that she had also changed jobs and was now working as a chaplain in a palliative care clinic in the UK.

- Horizon guest

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