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A Jesus encounter

Summe, on mission with Hands at Work

I met with a woman who was a member of the ZCC (Zionist Christian Church). She was driving with us in my friend’s car and she was sharing with us about her church’s doctrine and the fact that they believe that their Bishop is greater than Jesus. I tried to convince her that there is none greater than Jesus but she refused to accept that. I was saddened by this knowing that people are misled and sometimes there is little knowledge of scripture in their churches. So, I started to explain to her about Jesus, using scripture verses, especially that Jesus is the only way to the Father. She did not know these scriptures at all.

Anyway, we had an opportunity to pray together and God showed up in a mighty way. She was down on her knees and all she was seeing was a great light. For the first time in her life she encountered the Lord personally. You could see the joy, it looked like she had won the lottery. I was even a bit jealous because even when I met Jesus for the first time I was not as excited as she was.

I am sure that right now she is sharing this joy with her friends and family and I strongly believe that when she said she had met Jesus, with a huge smile on her face, that she truly meant it. You could see the joy in her as tears filled her eyes.

And we give glory to God the Father for being so faithful to us no matter what situation we have come from. I am so happy for her and I’m certain she will share this in her own church.

- Summe Kagmupambe

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