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God Never sleeps - healing testimony of Michael Cassidy

On Saturday night, 14 August 2020, Juliet Calcott had an extraordinary experience.

She writes:

I woke up in the middle of the night in the midst of a dream. In the dream, I was praying for Michael and Carol Cassidy. Once awake, I felt a compulsion to continue praying – and particularly to ask the Lord to extend Michael’s life and not to take him yet. I was half asleep, half awake, but telling the Lord how much he means to so many and asking the Lord to keep him safe from illness and spare him for us for a little longer. I found myself also praying for domestic help for Carol in her home and that loving Christians would bring food to their gate so that they would not have to go shopping.

When I woke in the morning, I found a WhatsApp message on my phone from Carol who was remembering that my birthday was coming up and felt she might forget on the day.

After our WhatsApp church service on Sunday, I phoned her to find out how they were doing. She then told me that Michael had been taken into hospital on Friday with what seemed to be pneumonia. On Saturday night he had had soaring temperatures – so much so that he had had to have a complete change of clothes twice. It must have been at that time that the Lord got me praying in my sleepy state. On Sunday morning, he felt much better, but the doctors were still very concerned.

I then asked our beloved prayer pals across the world to start praying for him. It was so wonderful to see prayers coming in from all over the world.

Michael was deeply touched and encouraged that the Lord had woken someone to pray for him. ‘’For I feel this in myself. There are still too many people to love. Still too many books to write. Still too many Gospel messages & ministries to deliver. And I long to be a companion, friend and husband to Carol for just as LONG as I possibly can!’’

On Sunday morning, a dear friend arrived at the Cassidy gate with three cooked meals and Carol was told about someone who had lost her job and might be suitable to help in their home.

When I called Michael on Monday, he was very cheerful despite being on a number of drips, quipping that he was becoming a ‘’right drip’’! One of the drips was an eight-hour polygram immunotherapy drip that he has to have from time to time to stave off the leukaemia he has been fighting. Michael was most amused that someone had mistakenly commented that he was in for ‘’polygamy’’ once again. ‘’That had Carol in quite a lather!’’ he cheekily commented.

By Monday, Michael had led the young cleaning lady, Kunene, to the Lord and had managed to wave at Carol through the window!

Dorothee in Germany, a doctor herself, prayed, ‘’Dear Lord, surely Earth cannot yet spare someone so funny when critically ill! Thank you for equipping Mike with such a joy of life and for his powerful witnessing. Special blessings on Kunene as she starts on her way to know you more.’’

By Tuesday, Michael’s infection indicators had gone down from 92 to 26. On Thursday he was discharged and sent home. ‘’If the Lord is going to spare me for longer life, as I believe he is going to, I must get ABSOLUTELY RIGHT what HE wants me to do. Not a moment to be wasted. “

Michael is 82 – and going strong! Praise the Lord! And we continue to trust the Lord for the right help in the home – compassionate, skilled and called – to help with both domestic church and nursing care!

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