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God loves every part of us - right to the tips of our fingers!

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Healing Testimony from Will Jansen:

On 2nd August 2019 a bull kicked my right hand index finger while loading him into a trailer....

It kicked the nail off and crushed the tip of my finger from the last joint. The nail got sown back onto my finger to offer support to the crushed bone and then the road to recovery started.... At one point amputating it was considered.

It has been 13.months since the accident. My finger has recovered well but there has been very little feeling in that part of my finger.

I love playing the piano and I am blessed with such a lovely talent but because of the insensitivity in the tip of the finger it has not always been easy to do.

Shane asked me on Sunday morning if he could pray for complete healing and he laid on hands and prayed healing and blessing into my finger, but also my life.

The day before, Shane blessed Anriette and myself on our engagement and our relationship for the future, getting married and having God as such a great part of our life going forward....

Two days later I already had 50% more feeling and less pain in my finger and I could sit down behind the piano and composed a beautiful piece, playing with no pain and or hinderance.

Our God is so loving towards us and with such grace, He always hears our prayers. And when we believe God's miracles are possible, He will answer our prayers.

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