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Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Juliet and I were meeting to pray. Jude had an immediate request for a friend of Lucy who had been on mission in Cambodia with her. Wiwik was in Malaysia and was feeling very ill as was her mother. Jude said that it was thought she was dying as she hadn’t left her bed for days and wasn’t eating.

Our prayers were firstly of thanks for Wiwik’s warrior spirit as she is an intercessor for her church. We had impressions of her being ministered to by angels and of them taking demons away from her room and the building. We also prayed for healing for her and her mother. We then rang Wiwik to tell her we were praying for her.

The following morning early Wiwik sent this text to Juliet;

“Hi Juliet..

Thank you so much for your prayer. After you called me, I was chatting with my friends and suddenly my eyes were opened and I had a vision. I saw an angel of God bringing a shield and putting it on my chest, tying it on with leather behind my back. He then gave me a sword for my right hand and a javelin for my left hand, and then new shoes for my feet. This morning when I awoke, I was worshipping God and I saw an eagle flying overhead and I felt that God had strengthened me and will do it again.

And thanks to God, after I finished my prayer time, I received a message from my sister to say that my mum is feeling much better and wants to have breakfast …and eat lots of porridge!”

Wiwik's mother feeling great and celebrating her 78th Birthday recently! Thank You Jesus!

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