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A tumour dissolved!

Sbusiso came for ministry prayer after a Sunday service 17/4/19. He shared that he had a history of mental illness and recently they had done a scan where they discovered a tumour that needed to be removed. Sbusiso was obviously anxious about having the surgery done (his operation was booked at Hilton Private Hospital for the Tuesday).

As Bill Forbes was with us to preach that day, he was ministering with us. We prayed over Sbusiso for his upcoming surgery, for peace and success. What we also prayed was that the tumour would be dissolved and that the Doctors would find no trace of it.

19th February.

Whats Apping Sbusiso after the operation I asked “Did they say it was a successful operation?”

He replied; “They didn’t find the tumour, they say it was sort of liquid.”

His doctor was happy to furnish a conformation letter saying “I was pleased to report that Mr Segwapa has no brain tumour.”

We praise the Lord Jesus for his faithfulness.

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